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Most resume writing agencies only focus on the content, not the design. While GreeneLight will give you a professionally written resume, we also focus heavily on design, and creating eye-catching resumes guaranteed to impress.


Almost all other resume services are targeted at professionals with decades of experience. GreeneLight specializes in young professionals, college students, and high school students, preparing to enter the workforce. Did I mention, our cost is targeted to you as well? We come in at a third of the average cost of a resume service!


There has not been a better time for job seekers to enter the workforce. With unemployment at an all time low, employers are seeking out employees. This means you have leverage! With a resume for employers to remember, you can be at the top of their list, out of hundreds of other qualified candidates.

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Full Resume Build



Resume, cover letter, & references

Custom single page resume with your choice of design, color pallet, and style. Matching themed cover letter and matching themed reference list.

Interview Prep



3 total prep packets

A personalized 10-page packet including: a quick view guide, industry specific potential questions, guides for stand out answers, questions to ask employer, and negotiating tips. All written specifically for you, tailored to your traits and personality.

Basic Resume Build




Custom single page resume, with your choice of design/template, color pallet, style, and graphics.

  • 7 Day Turnaround
  • Adobe PDF
  • Interview Guarantee
  • 7 Day Turnaround
  • Adobe PDF
  • 2 Additional Revisions
  • 7 Day Turnaround
  • Adobe PDF
  • Interview Guarantee

Full Resume Build

After each purchase, you will be redirected to your consultation page where you will answer several questions about yourself so we can make you the resume and cover letter you’ve dreamed of.

A cover letter introduces you, demonstrates your interest in a specific organization, and explains what your resume can’t.

A resume  is your first impression, allows you to stand out from other candidates, and summarizes your skills and accomplishments for the employer.

A reference list allows the employer to check your credibility, professionalism, and competency.

Interview guarantee means we will edit your resume,
cover letter, and reference list until you get an interview.

Basic Resume Build


Sometimes you may not need a cover letter and a reference list, you may only need a resume.


Your consultation will tell us everything we need to know in order to make the perfect resume. We even ask you unique questions to get to know your true personality.


Choose from several popular templates or we can custom design one for you if you have an itch for something we don’t have.

Interview Prep

A personalized 10-page interview preparation packet to guide you through each phase of your interview. With answers tailored exactly to you and your personality, these suggested answers are sure to impress.

º Introduction page
º Quick Facts Guide to give you a quick reminder right before your interview 
º Potential questions with stand out answers
º Questions to ask employers
º Negotiation Tips
º Quick “Do’s and Don’ts” list

  Includes up to 2 revisions that are good for two years from purchase date.
Negotiation Tips
Negotiation Examples
Do's and Don'ts
Potential Questions
Potential Questions
Questions To Ask Employer
Hello Megan
Quick Facts Guide
Do Your Research