Meet Taylor

Founder of GreeneLight
Taylor works as a Human Resource manager in the incredible city of Nashville. She specializes in recruiting and training, overseeing every step of the on-boarding process.

Working full time from the age of 15, I could spot a true, fantastic work ethic from a mile away. Growing up in Canton, Ohio I always longed to move to a city where everyone was hustling to become exactly who they wanted to be, and doing everything it took to make that happen. I moved to Nashville about 5 years ago, and received my BBA in Management from Belmont University. Throughout school I worked in sales, merchandising, and management, where I fell in love with human resources. I worked incredibly hard and was able to start a career at Nissan Stadium hiring for events like the Country Music Awards (CMAs), Titans games, Monster Jam, and several concerts. The issue I always ran into, was everyone I was recruiting, all had the exact same, black and white, hard to read resume. It made it so hard to differentiate each candidate, and thus, GreeneLight was born! We create stand out resumes, with promise to catch the eye of the hiring manager. We’re so confident in our products that we guarantee you’ll receive an interview.

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